Roger Humphries

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ACH Clear Pathways Presents: All That Jazz In The Hill District, Elsie Hillman Auditorium - 1825 Centre Avenue, Hill District

ACH Clear Pathways presents "ALL THAT JAZZ in the Hill District" to celebrate the common language of love of music and the arts - featured performers will include drummer Roger Humphries, guitarist Mark Strickland, bassist Dwayne Dolphin, vocalist Jessica Lee, percussionist Errol Mobutu Reynolds, Nelson Harrison & more.

RSVP to 412-815-0271 - this event is free to the public with an RSVP requested in advance.

It is open to all, free to the public young to old. All that is asked is an RSVP phone call to ACH Clear Pathways.

The show will feature the musicians who worked closely with Franco Harris on his events, on the Crawford Grill renovation and parking lot events, and who knew him well. Memories will be shared, songs will be performed in his honor and memory, and there will be a spoken mic just below the stage for us to welcome others from the audience to share personal memories of Franco too during the 2nd half of the show between songs . . . after each of the musicians featured have the chance to do the same in the 1st set.

The musicians will flow with this event, and Jessica will help to facilitate it. The 2nd part of the show will feature the musicians in more of a jam session format as some excellent musicians are coming to sit in, say a few words, and honor Franco with a performance too.